Image-size, Image-quality and Image-file-size are 3 separate things. The Image-size is the actual size of the image in pixels as it appears on your screen. Image quality is the definition of the image, how clear it is, etc. File-size is the size of the electronic image file. The higher the image size and quality the higher the file size and the more bandwidth it will use. Image optimization is about balancing the image quality and size with file-size so that we have a smaller image file-size but still a sufficiently sized and good enough quality image. When Image sizes are very large, you will need to re-size them first before optimizing them. You can do all of that with this online image management program.

1) Click on the link https://ezgif.com/optimize. It is a secure site. You can always find this link from the top MENU BAR under RESOURCES: Online Image Optimizer.

2) Once the page opens up look in the gray top menu bar of the optimize page, for the image extension you want. If using the extension .jpg, select "JPG optimizer" and click on that. Check the extension (.jpg, .gif, .png) at the end of your image file name, and select the optimizer for that extension.

3) Once on the "Optimize JPEG images" page (or GIF or PNG) scroll down just a bit and click on the 'Browse' button. This opens up the directories on YOUR computer where you can find your images.

4) Select the directory where you store your images and the select the image you wish to optimize. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Open" button. This will place take you back to the "Optimize JPEG images" page but now with the image ready to be uploaded from your computer so it can be optimized. Now click on the 'Upload" button.

5) "ReSize" the image to 700 to 900 px wide before optimizing
After you click on the "Crop Image" button the new "Cropped" image will appear under it. Look just below the image where it will tell you the size of the file. For the Lily Auction purpoes the file should be less than 100KB. In cases where your image is VERY wide, more than 1000px wide, it is best to "ReSize" the image to 700 to 900 px wide first before you crop or optimize. Trying to optimize a very large image size will degrade the image. A little experience with images that are too large will reveal why this is best.

6) You should now see your image on the page under "Optimize JPEG images". Now look above the image where there are several button options. The first thing to do would be to resize or crop the image to your liking: so click on the 'Resize' or 'Crop' button. Make sure the crop box is exactly superimposed over just the image, including only the part of the image that you want. Now scroll down and click on the "Resize Image" or "Crop Image" button. If you are doing both you should resize first and the crop.

7) If the image file size is less than than 100K then we are all set. Scroll down and click on the 'Save' button which should place the cropped image in the download directory of your computer. Immediately rename this image and move it to a specific directory that you can access for later uploading to items listed on the Lily Auction. Naming your images properly will make things a lot easier later when you want to post these images to a Lily Auction item.

8) If the image file size is more than 100K then you will need to Optimize it. Click on the "Optimize" button and the select the "Fit File Size in" option and enter 99. Scroll down and click the Save button. At this point you should rename the image to the name of the cultivar, and move it to your image directory, so you will be able to easily find it later.

If you Optimize your images, re-name them properly and keep them in a dedicated image-file directory on your computer, it will make uploading to the Lily Auction much faster and easier.

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