Guidelines for Leaving Feedback 

A Feedback Rating is a measure of the Lily Auction user's reputation in the community. Every registered user at the Lily Auction has a Feedback Rating that is calculated by

Adding 1 point (+1) for each positive comment received.
Subtracting 1 point (-1) for each negative comment received.
Awarding 0 points (0) for each neutral comment received.

The use of the feedback forum is to help promote bidding confidence.

Except for the exceptions mentioned in the next 2 paragraphs, you may leave only one remark per transaction. Therefore, if you have left a feedback remark for a user and then have a different transaction with that same user again, you may leave another feedback remark for that user.

We recommend that Sellers leave feedback after receiving payment and that Buyers leave feedback after receiving their item/s. However, some preferences and situations may suggest otherwise and we leave this up to our members.

Guideline for Buyer Dis-satisfaction:
Negative feedback should only be left as a last resort when all other means have failed. It is best to FIRST contact the seller and try to work out a resolution. The seller may agree to accept a return of the item and provide a refund, depending on the circumstances. Both Buyer and Seller's contact information, and email address, is available in your closed auctions lists, that can be found from the particular closed item that you won. If you cannot get satisfaction, or work out a resolution, between Buyer and Seller, please Contact Us and ask for mediation. If you decide to leave negative feedback, AFTER MEDIATION, please be factual, OBJECTIVE, and emotionless. If you are upset, please wait until you can leave the remark without emotion.

The Lily Auction is not responsible for any problems that may result out of a transaction but we will try to help resolve disputes and offer opinions and make suggestions. When requesting mediation, always provide the Seller's username and email address, the item number and a description about what went wrong. We will attempt to hear both sides of the dispute before rendering an opinion. If for some reason, one party does not reply to the auctioneer's request for explanation, we may opine in the other parties favor.

Retaliatory feedback is strictly forbidden. A Seller may not leave negative feedback simply because a buyer left him or her  negative feedback.  Try to look at negative feedback as a means to respond and grow. However, you may, in response to a negative feedback remark left in your feedback account by another user, respond with one factual REBUTTAL remark. Please make only one rebuttal remark, in your own feedback record per negative remark made. Please try to make the rebuttal remark in the spirit of reconciliation rather than defensiveness. A nasty or slanderous remark made by you, either as as negative feedback or rebuttal remark, could hurt you more than the person you are having the dispute with. Try to be factual. At this time the remark can only be inserted by the Lily Auction Auctioneer. Therefore, to make a Rebuttal Remark, please submit your 80 character remark to the auctioneer. It will be inserted just after the Negative or Neutral remark that you wish to Rebutt.

Please do not attempt to use the feedback forum as a means to explain the details of what happened. This can server no useful purpose. You may only leave one 80 character remark, positive, negative or neutral, for a user per transaction. However, there may be circumstances when more than one feedback remarks is required.  Please Contact Us if you believe that you need to leave a more than one feedback remark.

Deadbeat Bidding:
When any user bids in an auction, then wins the auction having bid higher than the sellers reserve as well as higher than any other bidder, and then refuses to pay for the item without an appropriate reason, this user will be considered to be in default. Appropriate reasons would be illness or death in the family, and natural catastrophe such as earthquake, hurricane or tornado, or other catastrophic event. DO NOT BID ON AN ITEM UNLESS YOU INTEND TO PAY FOR IT AT YOUR BID AMOUNT. If a bidder defaults and provides the seller with what is considered an appropriate reason, the seller my still, at his or her discretion, make a single NEUTRAL remark in the bidders feedback stating that the "bidder was unable to complete the transaction". There is no need to explain the details. If a bidder then develops a pattern of default, it will then be recorded. Any user found to show a pattern of deadbeat bidding in the Lily Auction will be suspended from both bidding and selling in the auction.

Sellers should make every effort to represent their items as accurately and in as much detail as possible. However, bidders should never assume things like, for instance, plant size and condition, if it is not stated in the seller's description. If the seller does not state something that you are concerned about, please email the seller and ask about it. Keep records of your email and the sellers response. To leave a seller a negative feedback remark suggesting misrepresentation is a serious accusation and should only be made when there is proof. Please review the Lily Auction Fraud Policy.

Before you place a bid on an item, you probably want to check the seller's feedback rating. Sellers may also want to view the feedback of bidders to better gauge how to deal with specific bidders. You can see a user's feedback either by clicking on the user's name or number next to the user's name, or going to the Feedback Forum Link

After you conduct a transaction, please remember to leave feedback for the buyer or seller that you dealt with. That will help everyone in the community know what it is like to deal with that user.

Remember, feedback cannot be retracted. Your comments will be attributed with your name and the date. The Lily Auction cannot take responsibility for the comments you post here, and you should be careful about making comments that could be libelous or slanderous. To be safe, make only factual, emotionless comments.


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