Lily Auction Non-Payment Protocol

The Lily Auction would like to assume that its members act responsibly. We expect that sellers will take responsibility for their disclosures and buyers for their bids. We feel that this is simple common sense. In fact, over the years, we have found that the overwhelming majority of folks who use this site, do their best to act responsibly without the need for rules. Unfortunately, for the very few individuals who don't seem to understand personal responsibility, the rules need to be spelled out.

Payment for items won on the Lily Auction must be made within 10 days of item close unless the seller has disclosed an alternative time limit or the buyer has negotiated with the seller to extend this time. Many times the seller will want you to pay one time only, after you have finished bidding on their items. So extension of the 10 day period may be granted as long as the buyer and seller have both agreed. We strongly recommend that this time is never extended beyond 30 days from item close AND not more than 10 days from the closing date of the last item won.

When a buyer does not pay for items won in a timely manner, it creates logistic problem for the seller and for the Lily Auction. The sooner this is dealt with the better for all concerned. We have therefore created a protocol that we ask all sellers to follow so that we can deal with slow and non-payers appropriately and allows all parties to make good on their committments. Our protocol is an fair and reasonable attempt to get response from the buyer in a timely manner so that the seller can decide how best to proceed.

Invoicing and Messaging Buyers:

INVOICING SENDS ALL THE INFORMATION NECESSARY FOR THE BUYER TO PAY FOR THEIR ITEMS WON, INCLUDING A LINK TO PAYPAL IF SELECTED. We recommend that the first 3 invoice options below are exhausted before submitting the 4th option. You may also SEND THE BUYER A MESSAGE before submitting the 4th option below and sometimes this works to get their attention. There are 4 different types of invoices that you can send to your buyers:

..... 1) New Invoice
..... 2) Friendly Remonder
..... 3) Final Notice and
..... 4) Report non-payment to LA support.

We strongly recommend using the first 3 of these invoices. However, when you don't get paid and you want our help we REQUIRE that you submit the 4th invoice "Report non-payment to LA support" to the buyer. The 4th invoice option should be submitted if you have not received payment, especially if you have not heard from the buyer after 30 days from item close. You should wait at least 10 days from item close before submitting the "Report Non-Payment" invoice.

What happens after submitting the "Report Non-Payment" Invoice?

Once you submit it, a copy will be sent to support. We will then open up a ticket in the Help Desk and send an additional request for payment to the buyer. Copies of all notes in this ticket will be sent to the registered email addresses of both the seller and buyer and both will be able to respond. If the buyer still does not respond to the request within 72 hours or does not pay for the items within 3 business days, the seller may then void the item at the time of their discretion. Non-response to a Lily Auction Helop Desk ticket for non-payment may result in suspension of Lily Auction priveleges for the buyer. We fully realize that unexpected life circumstances can get in the way of the best intentions. If we hear from the buyer and there is a resaonable explanation for cancelling their win, then we will void the item without any need for feedback.

How to Void an Item

Voiding an item means that you have cancelled the sale to the particular buyer. If you are voiding an item because of "Non-Payment", then always send a "Report non-payment to LA support" invoice first, before leaving "neutral' or "negative" feedback. Once you have sent the "Report non-payment" invoice, and you have waited at least 3 days, you can void an item by simply leaving neutral or negative feedback.

Once neutral or negative feedback has been left you can consider the item voided and you may re-list it. A notification of your neutral or negative feedback will be sent to Support. According to the Lily Auction User Agreement, we will refund the closing fee only if the you void a non-payment item within 60 days of item close. If you are voiding because of buyer non-payment, have tried to contact the buyer and have NOT received a response, you must leave neutral or negative feedback, depending on your understanding of the circumstances, before refund of seller fees can be made. If the buyer has a reasonable explanation, please let us know. We will void the item and refund seller fees without the need for feedback in cases of severe health issues or castrophy. Please contact us if you feel that there is good reason for exception to this rule.

The negative or neutral feedback left is permanent and CANNOT BE RETRACTED AT A LATER DATE and if the buyer subsequently sends payment, you must agree that you will send it back. Voiding and item is permanent.

You may also choose to BLOCK THE BUYER from bidding in any of your future items as well. You can do this from one of the links labeled 'BLOCK A BIDDER from bidding in your items', that can be found at the bottom of your 'MY SELLING' list or at the top of any of the 'Add New Item' forms.

There may be other reasons beside "Non-Payment" for voiding an item. Other rules in the Lily Auction User Agreement' may apply. Please contact us if you feel that you have a reason for voiding that does not involve non-payment.


There are exceptions to having to follow the above procedure or leaving neutral or negative feedback:

Seller May Make Their Own Payment Conditions

If the Seller has disclosed their Own Payment Requiremen in their Items Description, then this Protocol may be by-passed. If the seller has specified in their item description, for example, that payment be received within a specific time from item close, and the payment is not received within that time frame, then the above protocol may be skipped and the item may be voided with neutral or negative feedback. Of course, the "report non-payment" invoice may be still be submitted on the last day of the disclosed time period, if the seller wishes to be sure.

Buyer responds and wishes to Cancel

If the buyer responds to you or to a Help Desk ticket or to a Message, and still wishes to default, and you are satisfied with their reason for default, then you do not have to leave neutral or negative feedback to void the item. Simply let us know and provide the email communication from the buyer, and we will void the item.

There may be other reasons to void without leaving feedback. If you have questions, please Contact the Lily Auction.

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