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A Special Note About Children
Information We Collect
Our Use of Your Information
Our Disclosure of Your Information
Your Use of Other Users' Information
Email This Auction to a Friend Service
Control of Your Password
Reviewing and Changing Your Personally Identifiable Information

Your privacy is very important to us. This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you and what may happen to that information. Although this policy may seem long, we have prepared a detailed policy because we believe you should know as much as possible about the Lily Auction's  practices so that you can make an informed decision. Basically, we collect information for the internal use of the Lily Auction and so that Sellers and Buyers may easily contact each other.  If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please Contact Us.

As described below, some of your personally identifiable information is disclosed to other users of the Lily Auction. By accepting the User Agreement, you expressly consent to such use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information.


  1. A Special Note About Children.

    Children are not eligible to use our services and we ask that minors do not submit any personal information to us. If you are a minor, you can use this service only in conjunction with your parents or guardians.


  2. Information We Collect.

    In our online registration form, we require you to provide us with your full name, full street address, (phone number), email address and a password. (Phone number verification may be asked for through email and/or acessed from online directories)  

    If you choose to establish a credit account with us, we collect some additional information, including billing address,  and tracking information from checks or money orders.

    If you choose to leave feedback for other users, we will collect such information about you as you choose to disclose.

    If you send us personal correspondence, such as emails or letters, or if other users or third parties send us correspondence about your activities or postings on the site, we may collect such information into a file specific to you.


  3. Our Use of Your Information.

    We use your email address  to contact you regarding administrative notices from time to time. In rare situations, if an issue arises,  we may contact you using your mailing address or phone number. In most situations we will contact you though the Help Desk or though our 'Messages' feature..

    If you choose to sell an item on our site or open a credit account, we use your address and billing information to bill you and provide associated support.

    We use information in the file we maintain about you, and other information we obtain from your current and past activities on the site, to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce our User Agreement. At times, we may look across multiple users to identify problems or resolve disputes, and in particular on rare occasions we may evaluate your information to look for users using multiple User IDs or aliases.


  4. Our Disclosure of Your Information.

    We respect your privacy. We do not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you to any third party. Since buyers and sellers can communicate through our "Messages' feature, we do not reveal email addresses except if necessary to facilitate a buyer's Paypal payment to the seller.

    Throughout the site, you are identified by your User ID. In this situation, where you are identified on the site by your User ID, you may contact another member with whom you have had a transaction with, by using the 'Messages' feature. There will be 'Contact" buttons in the Closed items list that can be used to communicated with a buyer or seller that you have a transaction with. A logged in member may contact a seller using the "Ask Seller a question" link in any posted items. If you have won or sold an item there will be a 'contact' button in your Closed Items list which will only be available to users who are the 'Winner' or 'Buyer' of an item or are the 'Seller' of the item. In this way Buyers and Sellers may communicate with each other and communication will be recorded in the respective messages list for future reference. Contact buttons are not listed in the open items but members can contact a Seller using the "Ask Seller A Question" link so that Sellers can be available for questions.

    Your User ID can be used to identify your activities throughout the site. Other logged in members can see your bids, your feedback rating and associated comments, your postings on the site, and so on. Although our pages are coded with robot exclusion headers, others may attempt to automatically collect such publicly-available information from our server. We also provide others a number of ways to find more out about your site activities, such as our feature that allows users to quickly see all of the auctions you are offering at the time.

    the Lily Auction cooperates with all law enforcement inquires and with all third parties to enforce their intellectual property or other rights.

    In addition, other registered users will be given or can access additional personally identifiable information about you. We automatically send an email to the winning bidder/buyer containing the seller's User ID, email address, name, street address, city, state, zip code, and country and we send an email to the seller containing the winning bidder's User ID, email address, name, street address, city, state, zip code, and country. All recipients of such information agree to restrictions on how they use and disclose such information, as described below.

    Unfortunately, due to the existing regulatory environment, we cannot ensure that all of your private communications and other personally identifiable information will never be disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. By way of example (without limiting the foregoing), we may be forced to disclose information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, or third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications. Further, we can (and you authorize us to) disclose any information about you to law enforcement or other government officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate. Therefore, although we use industry standard practices to protect your privacy, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personally identifiable information or private communications will remain private.


  5. Your Use of Other Users’ Information.

    In order to facilitate interaction among all Lily Auction community members, our service has a Messaging system. As a seller you will be sent via email the User ID, name, street address, city, state, zip code, and country of the winning bidder(s), and as a winning bidder you will be send via email the User ID, name, street address, city, state, zip code, and country of the seller. By entering into our User Agreement, you agree that, with respect to other user's personally identifiable information that you obtain through the site or through a Lily Auction-related communication or Lily Auction-facilitated transaction, the Lily Auction hereby grants to you a license to use such information ONLY for Lily Auction-related communications that are not unsolicited commercial messages.

    The Lily Auction and our users do not tolerate spam. Therefore, without limiting the foregoing, you are not licensed to add a Lily Auction user, even a user who has purchased an auction item from you, to your mail list without their express consent after adequate disclosure.

    Lily Auction members must agree to not collect information of any kind regarding other Lily Auction members. While we cannot guarantee that the identity of any member username will not be revealed by people who wish to disregard your privacy, the Lily Auction does not condone any user information, feedback, usernames, identity of usernames, etc, to be displayed in any public lists, including Facebook. Should you feel that you identity has been compromised and you wish to change your username, please Contact Us to request a username change.


  6. Email This Auction to a Friend Service.

    The terms applicable to the Email This Auction to a Friend service apply to your use of that service. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not use the service to send spam.

    We do not use the email addresses you enter for any purpose other than to send your email. We do not rent or sell these email addresses, either. Indeed, we discard the email addresses after they have been used to send your email.


  7. Control of Your Password.

    You may not disclose your password to any third parties or share it with any third parties. If, despite the foregoing, you lose control of your password, you may lose substantial control over your personally identifiable information and may be subject to legally binding actions taken on your behalf. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately change your password as detailed in Section 8.


  8. Reviewing and Changing Your Personally Identifiable Information.

    Once you register, you will be able to review and change your password and/or Name and address information through the Change Registration link. However, to prevent fraud, if you want to change your Alias or email address this request must first be reviewed by the Lily Auction Auctioneer. 

    Once posted, you cannot change or remove any public postings made in our feedback area.

    We will retain in our files information you have requested to remove in some circumstances, such as to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce our User Agreement. Further, such prior information is never completely removed from our databases due to technical constraints and the fact that we back up our systems. Therefore, you should not expect that all of your personally identifiable information will be completely removed from our databases in response to your requests.

    You must promptly update your information if it changes.


  9. Security.

    The Lily Auction uses industry standard efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identifiable information, such as firewalls and Secure Socket Layers. However, "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet.


  10. General.

    This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to the terms of the Lily Auction User Agreement.

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