Terms and Conditions of Listing in the Lily Auction:
Revised Dec 1, 2018

To sell on the Lily Auction all sellers must agree to the Lily Auction Users Agreement.

Viewing, Bidding, and Buying items is FREE. Items that are listed and sell on the LILY AUCTION incur the following fees. There are only 3 types of fees when you sell on the LILY AUCTION, a Fixed Charges when you list your item,  a Final Calculated Charge based on a percentage of your final sale amount and and Upload View Counter Charge when you select to have a counter in youyr Items.

  • Image uploading is free. When you use our limited Image Uploader and Image Hosting service there is no fee. You may uipload 2 images per item listed, which will remain accessible for 40 days after which they are automatically deleted.

  • Note - Fees pay for the right to sell an item(s) on the LILY AUCTION. You do not purchase any exclusive rights to a Web page on the Lily Auction. Banner advertisements may appear on all auction pages.

1) Fixed (Listing) Charge when you list your item:

There is a $0.20 listing charge for listing any Standard Auction item on the Lily Auction. This is a fixed $0.20 fee that is non-refundable, even if your item does not sell. However,  if you re-list an AUCTION item that did not sell the first time in the Lily Auction, for the same or lower amount, and within 60 days of item close, there will be no listing fee for the re-list. You will be able to re-list an item that doesn't sell from your closed auctions, Items Not Sold, lists. There is no listing fee for Reserved Items (item reserved for a specific buyer).

2 ) Calculated Closing Charges at Item Close:

At the end of an auction or sale, the seller will be charged a Calculated charge which is based on the final value of your item. The Final Value of an item, is the closing bid amount or the 'Instant Buy' price.

The Calculated Charge is determined by calculating a percentage of the Final Price of the item at Item Close or when a buyer buys a fixed priced item.

  • As of Jan 1, 2019, the calculated Closing Fee will be 6% of the final price for all items

You will not be charged a Calculated Closing Value Fee if there were no bids on your item or your Fixed Priced Item does not sell.

3) View Counter fee is $0.10 if you select a counter in your Items.

Relisting Item(s):

One free listing for Auction items that do not sell the first time if listed within 60 days of auction close. This does not apply to Instant Buy Items (which can already be listed for 30 days).

If your auction item does not sell, you can re-list your item, only once, in the LILY AUCTION by going to the View Closed Auctions link, selecting the appropriate auction in the 'Items with no bids' list and using the re-list item button at the bottom of the page. If your item did not sell, and not more than 60 days has passed since it closed, there will be no charge to re-list it once. After it is re-listed, the item will be moved to the archived auction list where  you can re-list it as many times as you like and be charged the standard listing fee.

Listing Items in Appropriate Categories:
Please be sure that you select the appropriate category to list your items in. If you wish to use the New Introduction or Newer Daylilies categories, you must add the 4-digit introduction year to the Title of your listing. All New introduction listings must have been introduced within the current calendar year. After January 15, the previous year's introductions are no longer allowed in this category. The Newer dayliies category may only include the last 3 calender years. Categories will be Automatically Adjusted by our system. If you have questions please Contact Us.

Credit Request for Calculated Final Value (Closing) Charge:

The Calculated Charges are removed under certain circumstances which are outlined below. The Fixed Charges are non-refundable, even when the item receives no bids.

As a seller, you may request a Calculated Charge Credit for the following reasons:

Credit Type Reason for Credit
Full Credit
  • High bidder did not respond after you attempted to contact them (Please allow at least 7 days for them to respond).
  • High bidder "backed out" and did not buy item.
  • High bidder's check bounced or they placed a stop payment on it.
  • High bidder returned item and you issued a refund.
  • High bidder could not complete auction due to family or financial emergency.
  • High bidder claimed that your undisclosed terms were unacceptable.
Partial Credit
  • Sale price was actually lower than highest bid.
  • High bidder backed out. You sold item to a lower bidder at a lower price.
  • One or more of your Instant Buy buyers backed out of sale.

To make a Calculated Charge Credit Request and/or Void an Auction:

  • Please allow at least seven (7) business days for a bidder to respond to your attempts to contact them.
  • You must submit your request within 60 days of the end of an auction. Under most circumstances, the LILY AUCTION is unable to process credit requests received more than 60 days after the end of an auction.
  • Please provide your username, the defaulting bidder's username, the auction name and number and a brief explanation by using the "Contact Us" link can at the bottom of most Lily Auction pages.

The following processing policies apply:

  • Default must be reported within 60 days of item close. We will contact the bidder and ask for an explanation for their non-payment. If the bidder does not respond or does not provide an adequate explanation, we will refund the Calculated Charges, but only after the seller has left negatve or neutral feedback.
  • The information provided in your credit request will be used to identify Deadbeat Bidders, bidders who win an auction but never follow through with the transaction. It is suggested that you leave negative feedback for deadbeat bidders. Consistent deadbeat bidding will result in being banned from the LILY AUCTION.
  • Making false credit claims is a form of fee avoidance. Sellers found to be guilty of this offense will be suspended.
  • Under normal circumstances, the LILY AUCTION will apply credit to your account within 3-5 business days following receipt of your request.
  • If we have any questions about your final value fee credit request we will contact you.

Payment Terms:

Once you register with the Lily Auction, you may immediately list items for sale. All sellers initially have a -$5.00 credit limit. Credit limits may be increased for established sellers with a feedback score of at least 25. Increased Credit Limits are determined by the seller's credit history with us and by the amount of sales made in a given month. Contact Us if you have questions.

You may pay by check, or money order, or PayPal. If you pay with PayPal we will deduct any PayPal fee charged to us, from your PayPal Payment. All checks must be drawn on US Banks only. We cannot accept checks from foreign banks. International Money Orders are accepted if they can be drawn from US banks. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH PAYMENTS. When making a  payment by check or money order, please make sure that your username is on the lower left hand corner of your check. This will ensure that your payment is accurately applied to your account. Your payment will normally be posted to your account as soon as we receive it, but may take more time. Please fee free to Contact Us if your payment is not posted. To obtain our mailing address please use the 'Sellers Accounts' link at the bottom of the Lily Auction pages and log in. The address to send a check or money-order can always be found from the "Where to Send Payment" link in your Seller Account.

Payment Procedures:
Please pay any amount due that is 30 days or older, whether you have received an email invoice or not. You may check your account status at any time. When you are actively selling, please check your balance at least monthly. When you are done selling and after all auctions are closed, please check your balance and send payment. Unless you have been set up for credit, you will not be able to list new items once your account has gone over the -$5.00. limit, until a payment is received and posted to your account. To avoid delays, send a pre-payment. If your feedback record is 25 or over, you may apply for more credit by contacting us. Please provide your name, username, street address, city, state, zip and landline phone number if requesting credit. Credit Limits are based on your credit history with us and the amount of seller fees incurred within a given month.

You are responsible for keeping your account current within 30 days. Late fees may apply, and your account may be suspended for non-payment.

Past due accounts, more than 60 days, may be billed a monthly finance charge of 1.5% per month. Returned checks are subject to a $15.00 service charge.

If a seller account is ever overdue by 6 months or more there will be an additional $10 penalty fee assessed each month thereafter. If no communication is received and action is not taken to clear up an overdue account, it may be turned over to a collection agency.

Rules for All Plant sellers:
Please click here to review the Guidelines that you must agree to as a seller. If you do not agree to these rules, please do not sell on the Lily Auction. If you have any questions after reading the rules, please Contact Us.

Privacy Policy:
Click here to view our Privacy Policy

Unauthorized links, URL's or Advertising:

The use of unauthorized links, URL's, phone numbers, email addresses or advertising statements of any kind in your auction descriptions, is strictly forbidden. The Lily Auction attempts to create a fair playing field for bidding and selling for all users within the Lily Auction Venue. You may however, list the name and address of your nursery or business, your business address and a small business logo in your auctions, as long as your name or logo does not contain a domain name, link or URL, telephone number or email address..

We also discourage sellers from contacting non-winning bidders or users, in general, to solicit sales, request information, etc., unless the user in question has contacted you first or you use the 'Make Reserved Offer' form. SPAM of any kind will be considered a nuisance and is strictly forbidden. However, your email to the winning bidder is encouraged and you are, of course, free to list your domain name, web page or URL in your email responses.

Verification of Identity / Registration of Free email addresses:

You must be who you say you are to buy or sell on the Lily Auction site. For this reason, free email addresses, may be allowed to register only if the user can demonstrate that they are who they say they are. Any user may be asked to verify their identity.

Please keep your contact information current by using the Change Registration form. You may find the Change Registration link, at any time, at the bottom of all of the Lily Auction pages.

After placing the starting bid the seller may not bid on his/her item again. Attempts to drive up the bids on your item, or using another alias or email address to do so, is NOT allowed, and may result in the user being banned from the Lily Auction.

State Inspections:

Please be advised that certain states have inspection and/or certification requirements for accepting plants. The Seller is responsible for knowing these requirements and for obtaining the necessary certification from their local Ag Department, before shipping plants across state lines. For example, California, Florida, & Georgia have rigid requirements and plants should not be shipped to these states without a certification tag. If you have questions about individual State requirements for shipping plants please go to the following site: Federal & State Plant Quarantine Information.



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